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Pete Rose The Player, Was Flawless...

Posted on: August 23, 2009 6:17 pm
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Pete Rose The Player, Was Flawless…

It is it time for Major League Baseball to finally do the right thing and allow Pete Rose (A.K.A. Charlie Hustle) to be eligible for baseball's Hall Of Fame based on his career as a Player and not for his Managerial Antics? It is Long Past Due.

Pete Rose did nothing illegal as a Player. He exemplified the meaning of hard work, playing competitively and sportsmanship on the field. He should have been in the Hall Of Fame 18 years ago as a Player. He still holds today More MLB Records then any other player in the history of the game.

The Hall Of Fame is filled with players who Knowingly Doctored the Ball which is an Illegal Act On The Field. It is also filled with known alcoholics and wife beaters.

Pete Rose is one of the greatest player of all time and is still the all-time Major League leader in Hits (4,256), Games Played (3,562), At-Bats (14,053), Outs (10,328). He won Three World Series Rings, Three Batting Titles, One Most Valuable Player Awards, Two Gold Gloves, Rookie Of The Year, and made 17 All-Star appearances at an unprecedented five different positions 1B, 2B, 3B, LF and RF.  In 1978 he tied the single season National League Hit Streak record at  44 games. During those 44 games he hit for 66 hits.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in his Big Red Machine Days and witness his Greatness and what he did for the sport. He had every  kid and every Little Leaguer wanting to be him and play the game as hard as he did.  I was a  Die Hard Baltimore Orioles fan growing up in Baltimore and got to witness that 1970 World Series with Pete Rose. I remember that the Pete Rose baseball cards were among the most valued ones we kept in a Safer place and not with our other cards.

With a list of these Records and Achievements like this you have to ask why he’s not already in the Hall of Fame as a Player…

Major League records Pete Rose owns:

* Only player in major league history to play more than 500 games at five different positions - 
    1B (939), LF (671), 3B (634), 2B (628), RF (595)

Most career hits - 4,256

Most career outs - 10,328

Most career games played - 3,562

Most career at bats – 15,861

Most career singles - 3,215

Most career runs by a switch hitter - 2,165

Most career doubles by a switch hitter - 746

Most career walks by a switch hitter - 1,566

Most career total bases by a switch hitter - 5,752

Most seasons of 200 or more hits - 10

Most consecutive seasons of 100 or more hits - 23

Most consecutive seasons with 600 or more at bats - 13 (1968-1980)

Most seasons with 600 at bats - 17

Most seasons with 150 or more games played - 17

Most seasons with 100 or more games played - 23

Record for playing in the most winning games - 1,972

 National League records Pete Rose owns:

Most years played - 24

Most consecutive years played - 24

Most career runs - 2,165

Most career doubles - 746

Most career games with 5 or more hits - 10

Modern (post-1900) record for longest consecutive game hitting streak - 44

Modern record for most consecutive hitting streaks of 20 or more games - 7

NL MVP Awards 1973

NL Rookie Of The Year Award 1963

17 All-Star selections

Three World Series Rings 1975, 1976 and 1980

World Series MVP Award 1975

Two Gold Clove Awards 1969, 1970

Roberto Clemente Award 1976

The Sporting News  Player of the Year 1968

The Sporting News Sportsman of the Year 1985

The Sporting News Player of the Decade 1970s

Pete should be Honored as one of the Greatest Players ever to play the game while he is still here to accept, and be allowed to be eligible for the Hall Of Fame.

It has been 20 years and now it is time for Bud Selig the Commissioner of Major League Baseball to lay down this Sword he has for Pete Rose and do the Right Thing…

 Pete Rose The Player,  Was Flawless…

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Posted on: August 26, 2009 11:25 pm

Pete Rose The Player, Was Flawless...

In the 1970 All-star game. Pete Rose, came around 3rd base & headed home... It was the 12th inning & the score was tied. Ray Fosse was the catcher at home plate & held his ground. Pete Rose came around third & headed home, at full speed. The collision at home plate, was one of the most devistating hits, I have ever seen. This play alone, should be enough to put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame! He deserves it! Oh, by the way, Rose won the game with the crash. Pete Rose is a Hall of Famer. He ALWAYS put 100% into the game. And, you could tell. He was one of the best!

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